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Under The Sea Wall Mural

Hey friends!

Wanted to share with y'all a little behind the scenes of how this Under The Sea mural came to life!

Setting: So my friend's Airbnb is in a cool spot in Pensacola, Florida. The whole house has this real chill beach vibe to it, which I dig. He has a lot of colorful art throughout the house - so I was pretty excited that I got a chance to contribute!

Original Wall!

We decided to do an underwater theme for this room, which I was pumped for because I love everything about the ocean. I knew I wanted to play with a lot of color and layers, and draw from my experience when I went scuba diving in PCB! I'm also mildly obsessed with Finding Nemo, Moana, and Spongebob - so I wanted to somehow combine things I've seen from all of these things into this mural.

One thing I've always noticed about anything underwater is that there's just a lot of layers and depth. That's why you'll see in the video I'm constantly painting over the base, and adding in pop-up colors wherever I thought it seemed fit. Here are some photos that I used for inspiration (which is why I had my phone in my hand a lot of the time!)

From there I drew up this sketch. I think this part is so important because it really helps get the spacing right for the whole room.

Under The Sea Mural Sketch

Then I went to Home Depot, talked to the paint-mixer man for 20 minutes about how we're both from Illinois, and picked out 6 different colors for this mural.

And then it was time to get started!

You can see the whole process of this mural here:

This was seriously such a fun project! My only hope is that it makes whoever sees it just as happy as I was to paint it! And maybe they feel like they're in an underwater oasis.

And there we have it! The Under The Sea Mural!

If you're interested in adding a mural to your home or business, email me at info@rachelelizabeth.design. And don't worry about location, I am a nomad after all.

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