• Rachel Reynolds

Things Have Changed (Website Update)

I can't believe it's almost been a full year since I bought the domain rachelelizabeth.design and it's no secret that since then life has been HELLA CRAZY. I quit my job, packed up everything I owned in my mini cooper, and set out on a life full of fun, adventure, and travel.

My glasses were rose-gold and I just wanted to make art that made people happy. I confidently went on my way, so excited about the new freedom I possessed!

It seems so obvious to say now, but I didn't realize then how much this new life would affect me. The last year has been the most fulfilling and rewarding year of my life. It's also been the hardest and loneliest. I met new people with new perspectives. I reconnected with people from the past. I got closer to my family and farther away from other relationships. I had real conversations. I laughed harder than I ever have and I cried a lot too. I realized that life can be really messy and beautiful at the same time, and I found the value in balancing optimism with realism.

I still want to make art that makes people happy. But I also want to make art that's messy and adventurous, like life.

First things first, the website! While I love the initial, girly, delicate design I had before - I'm so happy with my new site that feels bold and energetic, while still feminine.

Things have changed, but not everything has changed. I'm still the girly-girl obsessed with puppies and coffee and you can still buy all of the fun products and art, but I'm excited for the opportunity to be more real and more me. I'll be back in the states in less than a month and I can't wait to freaking paint!!

As always, thank you for being along for the ride!