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  • Rachel Reynolds

Sunny Days in Cabo San Lucas!

Hi friends!!

Hope your April is off to a fabulous start! Last week, Curtis and I got back from spending a few days in Cabo San Lucas (to celebrate my 30th birthday), and today I thought it would be fun to do a lil recap! Let me just start off by saying this vacation was everything we wanted and more! Especially after a long winter in Chicago, we definitely welcomed all of the sunshine.

So for starters - picking the spot. I’ve always said that there is a difference between traveling and taking a vacation. When you’re traveling, you’re hopping around to museums and jumping on different trains, planes, and automobiles - always off to the new thing. And as fulfilling as that is, for my birthday - I really just wanted a vacation. I kept saying that all I want is to lay by the pool and to sip on a fun drink. And that’s exactly what we got! :)

We weren’t sure where we wanted to visit - we just knew it had to be warm. Curtis' parents had been to Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Cabo San Lucas a few years ago and highly recommended it, so it was high on our list! After lots of research, it turned out that the flights to Cabo were actually some of the most reasonable, so it made our decision super easy - to Pueblo Bonito we went!

the sunset on our first night!

Let me also say that I know that all-inclusives are not everyone's cup of tea, and I totally get that. The food doesn’t always have a good rep, and some of the commercials on T.V. are just wayyyyy too cheesy - but y’all - this resort was not like that at all! It’s adults-only, small, quiet, and the food was sooooo good - we couldn’t get over it! Also we saw so. many. whales!!! It was so cool!

I really can't say enough great things about the food!

We stayed for four nights in the towers and had the best time! Though we had a little variety in our days, most days looked like this: breakfast, walk up to the sister resort Sunset for a latte (there is a shuttle to this resort, but Curtis liked to walk a mile uphill..and as much as I didn’t want to at first, we got to see so many cool flowers and the view was amazing!), then we would come back down the hill, get changed for the pool, have lunch at the pool, read there for a few hours, take a nap, get ready for dinner, go to dinner, and be in bed by 10! Honestly, it was paradise!

the view on our walks!

More on the sister resorts: when you stay at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, you have access to any 4 of their resorts. Sunset is within walking distance, and the other 2 are more downtown Cabo. Sunset is more of a family resort, and it’s probably 4x the size of Pacifica, and we just liked to walk up there because their coffee shop had more options than what we had at Pacifica, but then we would come right back down for the more quiet atmosphere. We did go explore the skypool at Sunset one day, which is a pool at the veryyyyy top of the hill and the view was amazing! I would definitely go back to that resort when we have kids.

even the pool food was so good!

Some other fun things we did:

I don’t know when, but apparently at some point we turned into a couple that works out on vacation?? But the gym was so cool here! The whole gym overlooked the ocean so we would just walk on the treads for a few minutes and look for whales - it was fun!

My FAVORITE thing we did was go to the spa! Ahhh - it was heavenly! We went on my birthday and we were there for 3 hours.. I could have stayed forever!

fresh garden!

For my birthday dinner, we booked a reservation at Quivira Steakhouse which is on the golf course - and it was SO good. Not only was the atmosphere stunning, but the food was amazing! There’s a bit of an upcharge to eat here, but we thought it was totally worth it.

And no, unfortunately Curtis didn’t golf this time! The course looked crazy hard and he said he’s rusty from the winter. But I think if we go back, he would definitely go! And I will probably ride around in the cart and sip on a pina colada.

On the last day, we got to the pool a bit later than usual because we just got to chatting during our morning lattes at Sunset, so the pool was actually pretty full when we got there. So at the very last minute, I said screw it - we’re getting a cabana. And let me tell you, this was the best way to spend the last day! The whales were so crazy active, and we had a front row show to it. I couldn’t believe it! Our skin was also begging for a little sun relief, so it was nice to have the shade.

this is probably our best whale video, but even after this - they started flipping out of the water!

Curtis in his natural habitat!

So there we have it! Honestly, if anyone is looking for an easy, relaxing, sun-filled vacation - I couldn’t recommend this resort enough! And no, this is not a sponsored post (though I so wish it was, ha!). We didn’t leave the resort this time because we were just so relaxed, but I think if we went back for a bit longer we would definitely go check out more of Cabo.

It probably looks a little crazy right now, but I wanted to share this Cabo Sketch with you! Wherever we travel, I am always inspired to capture the place in a unique perspective. For this sketch, I wanted to incorporate the beautiful florals we saw, mountains, whale tails, and cacti. I’m excited to turn this sketch into a print soon! Perhaps I should start a weekly travel print series?

And now, we’re back! Hello, Chicago - you can turn into spring any day now :) I’m so grateful we had that time to relax, because the next few weeks are jammed-packed! I’m having a pop-up at Pure Green Fulton Market on April 15th, the One of a Kind Show is April 29 - 30th, and we move the following week! And Curtis has 3 work trips between all that - eek! Back to reality, but definitely feeling more refreshed than ever!

Also, as we start to pack for our move - I’m planning on having a studio spring cleaning sale, so stay tuned! :)

Cheers! Rachel


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