• Rachel Reynolds

Slowing Down in the Summer :)

Y'all - I've been moving slowlyyyyy lately. Maybe it's the European lifestyle (that I've always heard about but am now starting to understand), or maybe it's the 7 hour time difference from Berlin to Chicago (allowing me to not feel guilty about sleeping in) or maybe it's because my all of my friends are far away (so I don't find myself running around trying to meet up), but I've found myself living slower than ever - and I'm also very very happy. So I thought I would write this for anyone else who wants to live a little slower this summer.

Cafe in Berlin!

I think I used to read slow as lazy, but now I'm seeing the that the 2 are completely different. Living slowly means taking an extra 40 minutes to walk home instead of taking the train. Living slowly means taking 10 hours to read a book instead of 1.5 to watch the movie. It means taking time to cook, write, explore, and talk.

Must be nice right? That I just have all of this extra free time! Don't get me wrong, I'm not ignorant to the fact that we have jobs, family, and tasks to accomplish. We can't all just galavant around all day, all summer. But! I do think summer is the perfect time to slow down, take a breather, and reassess. So that being said, here are some ideas I have so that we can all slow down this summer:

1. Make pour-over coffee or use a french press instead of a keuirg

2. Study something new that you've always had an interest in

3. Walk to the farmers market

4. Don't eat fast food, take time for your meals

5. Eat FRESH!

6. Talk for hours outside

7. Take a nap and don't feel guilty!

8. Read a book

9. Go to a museum

10. Stay up late

11. Skip the netflix

12. Write down your thoughts

13. Grow a plant, water some flowers

14. Buy flowers!

15. Go out for ice-cream (save the freezer pints for the winter)

16. Paint and show no one!

17. Actually, do a lot of things and show no one!

18. Say hi to a stranger

19. Shred your own cheese. (have I made enough food references yet?)

20. Listen to live music

That list might look kinda basic or obvious, there's definitely no major life changes there - but I think making little changes like these allow us to enjoy our summer a little more and a little longer :)

Of course, if you do feel like doing some summer shopping - I've put together a small summer collection to help ya relax all summer long :)

Cheers to the summer!

Rachel :)






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