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  • Rachel Reynolds

Recap: OOAK Show

Hi Friends!!

What a WHIRLWIND the last few weeks have been! Over the last 2 weeks, I participated in the 3-Day Spring One Of A Kind Show, and Curtis and I moved apartments! Would you believe me if I told you we’re even already unpacked?? I can’t take the credit though, my amazing bonus parents (The Madjerics) came and helped us! And by helped I mean kept us sane, and Michelle even took the task of organizing my closet which is a….creative challenge all within itself.. Hehe. We absolutely LOVE our new place and neighborhood and I can’t wait to share more with you soon!

here's a sneak peek at my new studio space!

Today I thought I would take a minute to recap the One Of A Kind Show! It’s no secret that I was nervous to do this show - and probably for 2 main reasons: 1) it’s 3 full days of being on your feet and shmoozing (despite being an extrovert, I can get nervous talking about my art IRL) and 2) it’s quite the investment to do as a solo artist!

I’ll get right to it - even though I was completely nervous and felt like I had no idea what I was doing - it was one thousand percent worth it!! And not just from a financial standpoint, but more from a community and experience standpoint. I was able to connect with and meet so many amazing creators, and there really are no words for how fulfilling it is to see someone get excited about your own art.

For my artist friends - I will get a bit more into the details! Now, I’m not that experienced in shows, but I will say this one was AMAZINGLY organized. For set up, you take all of your stuff to the loading dock the day or 2 before the show, they unload it, and then you go park your car. Then, bam! By the time we parked and got to the booth, all of my stuff was in my booth - magic! All of the employees and everyone who ran the show were incredibly kind, professional, and helpful.

Of course - I got to my booth and just felt like something was missing.. So naturally I went to my favorite online shop - Facebook Marketplace! I found a ladder shelf, messaged the girl and said could I pick this up now? She said yes! I went there, got the shelf, and begged (and tipped) an Uber XL who let me take it back to the Merchandise Mart. Best forty bucks I’ve spent!

Now let’s talk about sales. I would say, and a lot of my fellow booth mates agreed, that each day had its own vibe to it. On Friday, during the day there were a lot of interested buyers - but it really picked up around 5pm as people were getting off work. Then Saturday, I felt like everyone had a glass of champagne in their hand, ha! (Not surprised that it was my best sale day..). I called Sunday the peruser day - it felt just as busy in terms of traffic, but it was rainy and it seemed like a lot of people were there to walk around and chat - but I actually got sales later that night online when people went home. SO all that to say is - each day was great in terms of sales, but had a different feeling to it :)

I read before the show that it was good to have a variety of price-points at your booth, and I totally agree! I had a TON of prints of various sizes, 12 framed prints, and 6 originals. The prints and framed prints were a huge hit, and 2 of my largest originals sold - so I was really happy with that! I will say that a lot of people thought my 5x7 prints were cards, so I’m taking a mental note of that to possibly have cards :)

my booth! and no, the beautiful fire detector was not for sale..

As far as anything I would do differently… I think I would have an email sign-up sheet and a QR code to my wholesale shop on my table. I never want to seem to salesy or pushy (buying art is very personal!), but I also wish I would have gotten some people’s info. I’m so bad about that, ha! But the show is SOOO big, and a lot of people would seem really interested in a piece, but then not come back. Which I totally get is normal, but I wish I would have also asked for their email in case they were really interested, instead of just handing out my card and hoping they would reach out. You live and you learn!

Because this was my first show, I was in the Emerging Artist section - and I LOVED it! It was so open and by the end of the show all of the artists in my corner were besties. You don’t have to do the Emerging Artist Booth if it’s your first time, but I would really recommend it! I thought it was perfect and I had more than enough space.

my fellow booth friends! Rachel from Querida Designs and Dorsa from DorsaLi Fashion :)

my new friend Megan Reed - she makes the most beautiful decoupage art!

In conclusion and after a lot of consideration.. I will be applying for the Holiday One Of A Kind Show in December! But eeeeeek - I am nervous!! Because I was already an Emerging Artist, I will now have to apply for a standard, larger booth. And, it’s FOUR days! But you know what, go big or go home! I will definitely keep y’all updated on if I get in :) And if I do, I should start preparing now!

I hope this post is helpful for anywho who is interested in getting their feet wet in the Art Show world. Or anyone who is just interested in the behind-the-scenes! As always, I am happy to answer any questions :)

And finally - I cannot thank y’all enough for your support throughout the show! Whether you came in real life, or sent good vibes from afar - it really means so much :) My sister and her whole family came all the way from Missouri, my best friend Chandler helped me set-up and stayed with me all day Friday, and my aunt handed out 100 of my free tickets to her coworkers! And of course my husband - who keeps me sane and helps me pack prints during all hours of the day :) I am so grateful for all of you!! Thank you for encouraging me to keep going :)

Cheers! Rachel


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