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Palm Jungle Mural!

Hey Friends!!

I'm excited to share with you my last big project in Pensacola! This mural process was a little different than the previous murals, because I didn't really go in with a direct plan. After the Under The Sea Mural (which was heavily sketched out & planned), I thought it would be fun to just put some paint on the walls and see what happens!

The only thing I knew I wanted was for there to be palm leaves on the ceiling - so that's where I started!

Honestly - this is when I started to realize how much I like to have a plan when it comes to large scale painting. I really didn't know where to go! I took a couple days off and just started looking up different tropical images for inspiration:

I decided to give a palm tree jungle a try, and just started to roughly sketch it out with paint.

I took what I learned from the coral mural, which has so many layers, and just started to build on top of these layers.

There were all of these awkward gaps that I really didn't know what to do with - but it slowly came together!

To be honest, I think I blacked out. I just started throwing color and shapes on the wall, and I think I got really lucky with how it turned out!!

It was definitely a learning experience, and a fun one at that! It's so fun to have creative freedom and let your paint brush go wild. I'm very grateful for the trust this Pensacola homeowner gave me!

Thanks for following along! I can't wait to keep painting big. You can see some of my other murals here.










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