• Rachel Reynolds

Painting a Nursery Mural!

Hey friends!

If you followed along on my insta story this past weekend, you already know I spent an amazing weekend at my sister and brother-in-law's home! We had a blast just catching up, watching The Office, and eating wayyyyy too many Reese's.

Of course we had a little weekend project as well - painting my niece's nursery! She is due on Christmas Day and the excitement is HIGH. We cannot wait for her to get here! In the meantime, I wanted to share a little behind the scenes on how this birch tree nursery wall came to life.

First we discussed ideas, and my sister decided that birch trees would be a cool way to add something whimsical and fun. The goal was to have something unique but also versatile - so we wanted to shy away from a lot of bright colors. Birch trees are perfect for this because they are mostly white and gray. We decided we would add dark purple birds to match a blanket that had been knitted by one of her friends.

My sister and her husband went on their way to their ..I still don't know what to call it - but the class where they learn how to like have a baby I guess? Idk, I'm just thinking they did that thing on Baby Mama where they bounce on exercise balls all day, but I'm sure there was more to it. Probably.

ANYWAYS - they went to that, and I got to painting! First, I did a rough sketch with my iPad to get a good sense of size and proportion with the crib.

When I say ROUGH - I mean it.

Then, I basically just went for it! Here are some progress pics from the day:

To get a better idea of how the whole painting process worked - check out the (first ever so please don't judge) time lapse video!

If for some reason this video isn't working (like I said, first time!) you can watch it here.

We are all pretty excited with how it turned out, and I'm hoping to do more projects like this in the future! If you or anyone you know might be interested, please email me at info@rachelelizabeth.design

In case you missed it, I am now location independent so you can check to see if I'll be in a city near you.

Thanks for following along!


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