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Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

I heard this quote for the first time a couple weeks ago, and to be honest I was NOT a fan. What the heck. I love when I go with the flow! My best days and nights are the days with no plans and when I just let go and see what happens.

But when I was painting the underwater mural last week - this quote popped back in my head and I had some time to think about it. (hence why one of the fish is swimming in a different direction, good for you if you noticed that) 🐠

I don’t think this quote is about a night out or a spontaneous trip. This quote is about your life. Even more than that, this quote is about you taking control of YOUR life. It’s so easy to let others think for you - your family, your boyfriend, your friends. But we need to be reminded to not go with the flow when it comes to our own thoughts, our individuality.

I truly believe that every single person has something unique to bring to this world, and I truly believe that a lot of times the world tries to silence that in order for us to feel “normal”. To feel like we’re doing the right thing, to feel like we’re just going with the flow.

Take a second to think about something you’re just doing without even realizing it. Are you spending your money mindlessly - because your friends are, and that’s what you think is normal to do? Are you staying at a job you don’t like - because you don’t believe you can do more? Are you in a relationship you know isn’t right - because you don’t want to be lonely? It’s never too late to stop going with the flow. Take control of your life - challenge yourself and challenge the world around you, I don’t think you’ll regret it. 💙 Anyyyywhoo - there’s my new found thoughts on this quote. Thoughts? 🐠

It even provoked me to make a new line of products (available in the shop)! Check it out here.

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