• Rachel Reynolds

National Dog Week 🐶

I heard it was #nationaldogweek and what better way to celebrate than with 4 new dog mugs! 🐶💕

Did you know that National Dog Week was founded in 1928 to celebrate all the ways dogs bring joy to our lives? 💛 it’s also a week to spread awareness on the ongoing task of improving dogs lives 🐶 You can celebrate this week by taking your dog on extra long walks, scheduling their checkup, or donating to a shelter ♥️

Inspired by the valuable advice dogs give us, I hope you enjoy these 4 new prints! 'When In Doubt, Take A Nap' 'Drink Coffee and Be Kind' 'Roll With It' 'Every Hour is Happy Hour'

Y’all know how much I love to paint dogs and how much I cherish their unconditional love 😭 So I hope y’all are ready for a week full of dogs!! 🐕

All 4 new prints are available as a mug, journal, and fine art print. You can shop them all at rachelreynoldsart.com/dog-lover 💛

Happy National Dog Week!