• Rachel Reynolds

Life Post Nomad! (Getting Over a Funk)

Hey friends!!

It's been a hot minute, but feels so good to be writing! I can't believe it's already been TWO MONTHS since I got back from Europe, but it really hasn't been until this last weekishhh that I've actually felt back to myself.

If you've been following along, you know I spent the last year as a nomad. I fit everything I owned in my mini cooper and lived in Florida, Chicago, and Europe, while traveling to several other places (San Diego, Vegas, Charleston, Alabama, etc) along the way! It was truly the adventure of a lifetime.

The whole year was a high. It seemed like every day I was meeting new people, eating new food, and just constantly learning. It wasn't just the trips themselves I loved, but everything before - I had been planning and researching for SO LONG. What I wasn't prepared for was the low I would feel when it all came to an end.

I can't lie, the first month back home was ROUGH. Obviously I was so grateful to see family, friends, and of course LEO! But I just couldn't believe that it was all done. And what made it worse was I put this crazy pressure on myself to just be grateful that it happened. I didn't want anyone to know how sad I was, because who wants to hear complaints from the girl who was just drinking champagne in France?? People would ask me how the trip went and I would just say 'GOOD!' because I honestly wasn't ready to admit that it was over!

Luckily, I finally confided in a close friend and my sister. I just openly admitted that I was in such a funk and how mad I was at myself because I should just be grateful for all of these amazing experiences. I'm so grateful I talked to them, because they helped me to realize that it was completely normal - and that just because I was sad doesn't mean that I wasn't grateful. Honestly just writing that out makes me realize how obvious that is, but the mind thinks what it wants sometimes.

The thing is, I could have kept going. I could have kept freelance designing and I could have kept couch-surfing / airbnb-ing. But I knew in my heart that I didn't want to anymore. I knew I had to go through a month or two of a funk, in order to get what I really want - a "normal" life! (read more about how I actually feel about self-employment here)

So here we are, 2 months later and y'all let me tell you - LIFE IS GOOD. I started personal training at Equinox, I'm back in a fitness routine, I'm back to goal setting, I'm back to painting, I'm getting happy hours, and I'm apartment shopping with a new friend I met! In short, I'm back to normal!!

I hope this can relate to anyone who needs it. Whether you go on a crazy nomad adventure or not, there is usually some type of event (a wedding, a trip, a birthday) that we all look forward to and then all of the sudden it's DONE and it's HARD but we're also HAPPY IT HAPPENED??

I would say if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, a post-event funk, to take your time with yourself. It's okay to be sad, and it's okay to talk about it. Your friends won't think you're "complaining", and if they do think you're complaining, get new friends. (I'll be your friend!) But, you gotta get back out there! Take things day-by-day, get back to a routine, and (in my experience) things will be back to normal, OR BETTER! :)

Also, there's nothing wrong with planning a new thing to look forward to - I'm thinking ASIA WINTER 2021 - who's down???

Stay adventurous, friends! Rachel