• Rachel Reynolds

Let's Go! (New Illustration)

This week, at 26 years old, I finally got over my fear of bikes!! 😅 and what a wonderful week it’s been!! 🚲 💨

15 years ago I wrecked my bike & my leg so bad that I decided to end my relationship with the 2-wheeled monsters. I know, I know, when you fall off a horse you have to get back up! But this wasn’t a horse, this was a bike so it was completely valid. (This is actually so funny to me bc I have no fears when boarding a flight to a new country by myself or hiking a crazy mountain, but bikes get me - idk the human brain is WEIRD)

My fear of bikes wasn’t that big of a deal tho! I never talked about it and only a few people knew about this deep fear 😂. It’s actually super easy to just casually avoid bike riding without ever mentioning it.

Until you get to the Netherlands, aka bike central. I pretty much realized on the first day here that if I wanted to explore Amsterdam, I was going to need to get on a bike. Dundunndundunnnn!

So a few days ago I hopped on one for the first time in forever! And the saying is true, it’s just like riding a bike!!! So easy!! And so fun!! And did you know you can get places so much faster via a bike?? And you have a basket to hold things?? Amazing!! 🌸

So anyways, that’s what inspired this new illustration. I hope it serves as a reminder to go for it! And to keep living your best summer adventures! 💖

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