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  • Rachel Reynolds

Free Ways to Support Your Favorite Businesses!

Hi Friends!

Wow - just like that, Halloween has come and gone! I really feel like October flew by, but I am so excited for the next couple of months - the most festive time of the year!

While the next couple of months are sure to be filled with fun parties, cookie baking, and peppermint mochas (my fav!) - it’s also the season of spending, which can sometimes lead to an added stress. And while I am so excited to share with you some new art, products, and sales over the next few weeks; I thought today it would be fun to kick off the holiday season with completely free ways to support a business.

Disclaimer: some of these tips you've probably heard before, but I also figured hey - we could all use a refresher! So here we go!

Share Share Share

This one might be obvious, but one of the absolute best ways to show your support is to share the business. Share them on your instagram story. Tell your aunt. Pin their product to your Pinterest board. Tag a friend. Tell your dog groomer. Repost on facebook. Forward their email. The options are endless!

Write a Review

This is especially important if you have purchased something from Etsy. Unfortunately, a lot of Etsy has been taken over by mass produced companies, so small businesses really count on reviews to stand out and shine light on the fact that they actually are a real person. So even if you aren’t planning on buying anything over the next couple of months, think back to if you have recently - and you can probably still leave a review :) If it’s not an Etsy product, try to find them on social media and write a comment about how you bought x item and what you love about it. It might not seem like a lot, but it really does mean so much!

Sign Up for Their Newsletter

Okay yall - on Halloween day, I was going about my morning like normal when all of the sudden my whole instagram went black and said that I was disabled and my account would be permanently deleted in 30 days - spooky!! I don’t have a huge following or anything, but still - I like my instagram and my friends on there - so I was sad that I might have to start over. Then I remembered: my handy dandy email list! I love my newsletter fam so much, it feels like we are all in a little club together, and it means so much when someone signs up to join. Luckily the instagram thing was just a day glitch (it happened to thousands of people), but still - it reminded me just how much email subscribers mean to me. It is such a great way to support a business!

^ me when someone subscribes to my site

Attend Events

If the business you love is having an event, try to attend! Trust me - I’ve done some pop-ups in the past, and there is nothing scarier than standing behind your table thinking ‘what if no one comes’. Even if you don’t buy anything, it really means so much to see a friendly face.

This was my very first pop-up in 2018 and I was super nervous!! Still am.

Also, just be kind to people! It really can turns someone's day around.

And, that’s a wrap! No pun intended. Now tell me - where do we stand with the Christmas decorating timeline? It seems to be a hot debate. Some of you have probably already decorated while some of you are waiting until after Thanksgiving. Personally, I think both are fine. We are heading to Seattle this year for Thanksgiving (yay!) so I think I’m going to decorate on Sunday the 13th, so it’s done when we get back. Curtis and I have collected an ornament from every trip we’ve ever been on, and I’m so excited to break them out!

Cheers! Rachel


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