• Rachel Reynolds

Floral Mural!

Hey Friends!

Wanted to share with you the process behind my latest (maybe most favorite) mural project in Crystal Lake, IL!

I was so excited when a friend came to me with this vision and we got to make it come to life! It seems strange that this is actually my first floral mural, because I LOVE FLORALS.

The goal was to have something that was free-flowing and organic, but also bold. We looked online for some floral images we liked and then I created a rough sketch on a printed piece of paper (RIP to my apple pencil..).

From there, I sketched out the bigger pieces of the design in white onto the wall.

She already had all of the paint colors, because they are all colors that have already been used in their house! This was a great way to tie together everything in their home.

Then, I just kept building and layering on top of that sketch! (There's more process in the time-lapse video, I didn't think to stop and take actual photos!)

Then it was time to make it POP by taking the design to the ceiling, having it wrap around the corner, and outlining and accenting with a bright white. For added detail, I also mixed in some silver and bronze metallic paint - it's hard to see in photos but it looks so cool when the sun shines on it. I think this is really when it started to come together! :)

Note, the Christmas socks!

To see how it all came together, check out the full time-lapse video:

Overall, I'm so excited with how this project turned out! I hadn't painted a mural in awhile but once I started it truly felt like riding a bike. They even gifted me a brand new projector so that I can take these projects even bigger! I'm so excited to see what's in store.

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Thanks for following along!