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Everything I Love To Bring To Friendsgiving!

Hey Friends!

I had the BEST time at my friends house last night for Friendsgiving! We ate tons of food, drank a lot of wine, and played so much What Do You Meme! Because really - what is a day without memes?

I'm so thankful for nights like that! Since I have moved so much in the past few years, I've really learned how important it is to have friends that are like family. It can be hard in your 20's you know?? It's like this in-between stage where your true family is far away and you haven't started your own yet. At least, that's where I'm at! So I'm just extra thankful for friends that come together and make amazing food and inappropriate jokes.

Today I'm sharing the three main things I think everyone should be bringing to Friendsgiving!

First: the food - Goat Cheese!

I am obsessed with this "recipe" - I don't even know if you can call it that, it's so simple!

You basically just get toasted baguette slices, spread some goat cheese on them, drizzle some honey, and crack some pepper and bam! You can watch the full video here. It's so simple and sweet and peppery and creamy. Which sounds kinda weird but it's seriously so good!

Second: A Pretty Cutting Board!

Because pretty food deserves to be on pretty boards! I served mine on the "Fall Sunflowers" pattern (shown above) because I thought it was perfect for the occasion, but there are a ton of other designs here. These JUST launched in the shop. Such a fun and different way to add art into your home, and they even have a little hole so you can hang it up on your wall when you're done!

Psst.. if you think you'll need more room for your treats - check out the new serving trays too!

Third: Flowers

My favorite - because everyone needs flowers! If your friend is being so gracious enough to have all of these people in their home, show them some appreciation with a little fall bouquet. It doesn't have to be fancy, I think the ones I brought were literally less than $10, it's the thought that counts!

And there we have it! Pretty much all you need for a great Friendsgiving! (this is that part where I could be really cheesy and say something like "well and of course you need great friends - wink!) But I'll spare you. But I kinda just did it anyways.

Thanks for reading along! What else do you like to share for Friendsgiving? Comment below or head back to my insta and comment there!

With Love,









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