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European Color Palettes (a summary of adventures!)

And just like that, my 2 months traveling & exploring Europe is over (well, for now)! I got back a few days ago, and when I think about trying to explain my time exploring Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, London, and Paris - it all just feels like a whirlwind.

So I thought I would try to express my time the best way I know how - through color!

Here are 7 new color palettes that I feel best visually represent my time in each city:

Berlin was my first stop on my European adventure! I spent a month in an Airbnb in Schöneberg and had an amazing host. The first thing I noticed about Berlin was all of the beautiful flowers at the market - you could get a whole huge bouquet for 5 euro! We lived on the 4th floor with a balcony, so I had a great view of all the different shades of orangish roofs. I instantly fell in love with flammkuchen at a local biergarten. It was this really thin crust topped with a sour cream sauce, blue cheese, mushrooms, and pear sauce. Seriously I'm going to have dreams about that thing. And of course, it wouldn't be right to have a color palette of Berlin and not include a car and street art!

Munich was seriously something out of a fairytale. I now totally understand why Snow White was based in Germany! My friend and I were only there for a day, but we were amazed by the city parks (where you could surf!), architecture, and live music. Oh, and the german food and beer!!

After my time in Germany, it was time to head to Amsterdam for a few weeks! The land of cheese, bikes, and canals. On the first day I took a 2 hour bike ride to the very edge of the water and it was incredible. When I would explore the city, I basically just ate a lot of cheese and admired all of the energy and art. I even got to take a painting lesson at the Van Gogh museum (the sunflower pic)! Cheese and art - it was my heaven on earth!

I was on my way to Brussels, when my friend and I decided to take a day detour to Rotterdam! Rotterdam felt like a city from the future. We went to a modern art show, admired the cube houses, ate pickled herring, sang karaoke, and ate at a restaurant that felt like we were inside of genie's lamp. I'd def recommend this city to everyone!!

AH BRUSSELS! The land of chocolate and beer!! I was lucky enough to stay with my friend and she showed me the best time! We ate waffles, explored the city, and drank a beer at Delirium (which holds a world record for having over 2,000 beers)! This color palette might have gotten a little carried away with chocolate, but only because I got VERY carried away with chocolate!

After Brussels, another friend and I met in London! This was the start of my last 10 days of my trip so I knew it was going to be a crazy time. We. Did. Everything. Well maybe not everything, but it felt like it! We explored Buckingham and Kensington Palace, Chinatown, Soho, and basically every other neighborhood. We ate clotted cream, fish & chips, and highly-recommended Indian and Chinese food. We drank tea and we drank gin. We did a Harry Potter tour! We admired all of the flowers hanging off the pubs and we made friends with the locals. We will definitely be back.

Ah Paris, the last stop! After London, my friend and I took a train to spend our last few days in Paris. Honestly right now - when I think of Paris, I think of HOT (which is maybe why this color palette is filled with warm tones?). It was a record high of 108 degrees, and our airbnb didn't have air conditioning. We basically just didn't sleep for 3 days, but it was really okay because we just focused on eating. Crepes, Croissants, Escargo, Cheese, Bread, Champagne - we ate anywhere there was AC. Of course we admired the beautiful sites too! Luckily, the weather jumped down to 80, and we spent 15 hours at Disneyland which was one of my favorite days ever!! I can't think of a better way to end the trip of a lifetime than with a good friend, art, food, and Disney!

I don't think there's a price you could put on the last 2 months. The people, the highs & the lows, the food, the art, the memories - I will never take this summer for granted. I think that's the easiest way to put it.

So what now? I'm currently back in Chicago spending time with my family and re-grouping my life together! Soon I'll be painting and designing like a mad woman - and will definitely be using these colors as inspiration!









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