• Rachel Reynolds

Dream Client: Five Daughters Bakery

Welcome to the first post in my “Dream Client” series!

A little background on the series:

As most of y’all know - I started my art & design business 7 days ago (wooh!). And while I dream and work towards the day that clients come magically into my inbox, it’s no secret I’m not quite there yet.

So - until then, I’ll be creating a piece once a week for my Dream Clients! Basically I made a giant list of clients I’d love to work with and WHY (their style, their product, their customer service, their integrity, etc).

I believe that this is a vital exercise to do for anyone starting out their business (disclaimer, I only have 7 days of experience - but this has really helped me). These are clients that I respect, admire, and hope my style compliments their already awesome branded-identity.

So let’s get to it!

The first client on my list is the magical FIVE DAUGHTERS BAKERY!! Famous for their 100 layer donut, this is absolutely my go-to place whenever someone comes to visit me in Nashville!

PC: Insta | @five_daughters_bakery | @atlbucketlist

Seriously y’all.. If you’ve been, you already know. And if you haven’t, get in your car right now because they’re in Nashville, Atlanta, and Florida.

What I also love about FDB is that I’ve never had a bad experience there. Working at Walt Disney World for year has made me an absolute customer service snob (no shame). Every time I’ve been they’ve taken their time to ask how my day is and answer any questions on all of their awesome flavors - it’s a small town bakery feel in the heart of Nashville. A big dream client plus!!

PC: Insta | @five_daughters_bakery | @amberulmer

So there you have it, friends! My first dream client. I absolutely love Five Daughters because of their creativity, atmosphere, aesthetic, and their love for what they do! Oh - also their donuts.

Check out the the painting I did of their Nashville storefront. Do you think it would be a cute print??

Okay, that's all for now - I have donuts to eat! Happy Tuesday, Friends!