• Rachel Reynolds

DIY Flamingo Cabinet

Hey Friends!!

Wanted to share with you my latest project - turning a $20 used cabinet from a Habitat for Humanity Restore into a cute and functional storage piece! Mixing art and functionality is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so I'm really excited for how this turned out!

First: the original cabinet:

Original Cabinet from Habitat for Humanity

The original cabinet was pretty rough. It was chipped, not painted all the way, and the top was missing. The first thing I did was sand down the rough patches and then painted the whole thing a "Mountain Peak White" color.

For the top, my friend cut 3 pieces of panel wood and screwed them in.

Then I got to painting! This cabinet is going in a beach-y home in Pensacola, so I knew I wanted to do some palm leaves.

I haven't painted a lot of palm leaves in my day, so whenever I'm new to something I like to start out with a light color and then build on top of it. I first started out with a sand color, then added in a lime green, and finally outlined the leaves in a darker green. After that, I took extra paint that was on my brush and smudged it around the leaves - this gives the sides some more texture.

If you wanted to have something a little more precise, you could always use stencils like these!

Then the flamingo! For this, I pretty much just eyeballed it from an online photo. I sketched it out in pencil, went over it in a sand color, and then added in different brush strokes of pink for a feather-y effect. But you could also use a stencil like this.

It's really easy to erase the pencil marks. I technically used an artist eraser, so I'm not really sure how a normal one would do. I love these erasers for all of my projects!

I usually love to add and add to projects like these, and it was hard for me to not just cover the whole thing in palm leaves - but I actually really liked the simplicity of this single flamingo so I decided to move on.

The last step was to just screw in a basic hook for more functionality!

I decided to use this hook for a hair straightener and headbands, but you could use it for whatever!

And there we have it! The final piece! I think it would be fun to add a plant on top and some cute makeup storage, but for now I'm happy with how it turned out!

Do you have any fun DIY's you've been up to lately? Would love to hear about them!









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