• Rachel Reynolds

Dear Nashville...

Oh Nash, where to even begin. We have had a fun 14 months together, but I think we both knew it was time to part our ways. Our relationship had a bit of a rough start, and to be honest I really never had a desire to live in your city. Sure - I’d come and visit and have fun on Broadway with friends, but never had the urge to live there myself. I didn’t want to be landlocked and I had no desire to have a honky-tonk weekend every weekend. But you were persistent and I ended up packing my bags, and even though we didn’t really work out - I’m so glad I gave you a chance.

While I thought you were just a city filled with country music, hot chicken, and cowboy boots (none of which I’m a huge fan of) you proved to me you had so much more. I quickly realized you’re also a city of all KINDS of music and art, the best doughnuts of my life (five daughters, I’m talking to you), and the kindest people I’ve ever met.

You, Nashville, are a city of dreamers. You are a city comprised of thousands of people from all over the world, chasing their dream to be a musician - and that’s so inspiring. Though sometimes it would get a little old for an uber driver to play me their demo, I will always respect the heart of your city. You are so filled with talent and aspirations and hard workers - and that’s something I’ll always love about you.

But I think my favorite thing about you is that you, Nashville, are a city of the utmost faith. You showed me how to pray every day, you showed me how to meet friends at church, you showed me how to join a small group, and you showed me how to be confident in saying I’m a Christian. That was something I didn’t really do before, and for that I am beyond grateful.

People ask me if I’m sad that I’m leaving you, and if I’m being honest I’m really not. I know that sounds harsh after everything we’ve been through - but it feels like I’m just getting out of that relationship that was just not meant to be. Of course I’m sad to be leaving some of the sweetest friends I’ve ever had, but I have no doubt we will remain just as close and have so much fun when I come back to visit!

Nash, we’ve had so much fun together and you taught me a lot - but I think we both know it’s time to move on. I wish you the best as you continue to grow and change the lives of others. You are the right city for so many people, just not for me. I guess if I had to sum up our relationship - I’d have to quote the wise words of Ariana Grande.. thank u, next.

With Love,


Also! There is still ONE more Nash painting left. There used to be three and now there is one. This isn't a sales pitch, these are just cold hard facts. Purchase here.








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