• Rachel Reynolds

Custom Painting: The Process

Hey friends!!

So lately I've been getting more & more requests for custom paintings which makes my heart so happy - y'all are the best!! Getting a custom painting created is a fun way to have something totally you added to your home - or even a friends!

This can be a different process than just going online and buying something, so I wanted to give you an idea of how it works. My goal is to always make your vision a reality. I strive to make this process as personable and efficient as possible. What's the point of having something made if you're not going to have fun while doing it??

I recently created a custom wedding scene and the whole experience was just super fun and productive so I wanted to share it with you. The client had a unique vision and we worked together to make it happen!

I can't lie, I was a little nervous at first because it was one of my first custom pieces where I wasn't just straight copying a picture. We actually decided to merge together a few pictures in order to get the detail and perspective that we thought was best.

She was so sweet as I proceeded to ask a ton of questions! What size? Paper or canvas? You know - the good stuff. She did say she wanted some more color added into the pictures and I said "SAY NO MORE - color is my love language!!"

Here are the pictures she sent:

From there we got started!

First things first I sketched out the ugliest sketch of my life (that's not true - there have def been uglier but none that I've willingly sent to a client). I emailed it to her with a big disclaimer basically saying "DON'T JUDGE THIS - just trying to get this perspective right"

Got the go-ahead and proceeded! From there I sent her the following progress pictures:

This was actually super helpful because at one point she pointed out that there was a red candle on the right side missing. I would have hated to miss that! So I added that in and filled out the rest of the page:

From Client:

"It came in and it is wonderful!!! Thank you SO much for working with me and creating such a beautiful piece of art"

Overall - it was just a super fun and rewarding experience, and something I'd love to re-create for anyone who is wanting a custom painting!

If you're interested in a custom painting please visit here or email me directly at info@rachelelizabeth.design. I am currently offering hand-lettering, weddings, florals, pets, and landscapes.

Have a colorful day!!