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Chicago Recap!

3 months in Chicago, where did you go!! It's safe to say you weren't as dramatic as my last nomadic adventure in Pensacola; and even though you were briefly interrupted by a long weekend in Charleston and an impulse week in Norway, I'm so grateful I got the chance to spend so much time in your amazing city!

There's no doubt about it - Chicago is fast pace, and I LOVED keeping up with it. Screw uber, there's something way better about jumping in a cab and them swerving around to get you where you need to go, fast - AND not needing a gps to get you there. Also - lower wacker - what the heck is going on down there?? I didn't get a chance to personally master navigating it - but I was thrilled when my cab driver knew what he was doing.

Okay okay, I realized I just chose to write an intro paragraph about one of the most amazing cities in the world and base it on cabs.. you're probably like what is wrong with this girl?? Has she never been in a cab before?? Didn't she see the bean and lake michigan and the field museum and the aquarium and wrigley?? We all know how cabs work!

Well friends, I did see all of those things! And they are ALL amazing! But like I said, the thing that fascinated me the most about living in Chicago was the pace. I read the quote: “I’m impressed with the people of Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.” by Michael Douglas and I couldn't agree more! There's just a certain energy about this city that is actually incredibly hard to explain if you've never been.

Chicago is more than just a big city with a breathtaking lake (that changes color by the day!) and beautiful architecture - though those should not be missed. Have you seen the movie Chicago? It's always been one of my favorites, but I feel like I understand it now more than ever. I never really thought about it before but Chicago has this dark and edgy vibe to it - it's a city with an incredible history of jazz, which I felt whenever I would go out with friends. I found myself wearing more black than pink and subbing my usual vodka soda with an old fashioned.

At least, that was my take on it.

Of course the months were not short of any art! I really got into my groove (ew for some reason saying groove is way more comfortable than reading groove but here we are) and was fortunate to have some paintings in a coffee shop during my time here!

You can read all about the Chicago Scenes here and shop here!

There were so many highlights during my time in Chicago: catching up with old friends, seeing one of my favorite artists in concert, meeting new artists, celebrating St. Patricks Day on the green river, shopping on the mag mile, exploring the museums, going to the farmers market, and just walking around the lake!

But the BEST highlight? Spending time with my family. I'm so beyond fortunate that my awesome aunt and uncle let me stay with them. Seriously, when I look back at my time in Chicago I don't think I'll think about the architecture or the fancy cocktails or the shopping. I think the first thing I'll think about is my time with them! My favorite nights were the ones when they taught me a new recipe, we had ice cream, and watched Colbert. Chicago taught me a lot, but they taught me so much more.

So there we have it! My recap / take on Chicago. Here are some quick thoughts:

Best coffee: La Colombe (oat milk latte)

Best fancy meal: Maple & Ash OR Shaws Crab House

Best non-fancy meal: Velvet Taco (my friend and I went 3x in less than 24 hours..)

Fav chill bar: Untitled

Fav non-chill bar: Federales (hit the bell)

Best tip I have: The rumors are true - Chicagos is cold. (read: REALLY freaking cold). But, I once heard that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes - and I found that to be true.

And there we have it!! 3 months in Chicago. My flight to Berlin, Germany is in less than 24 hours and I couldn't be more excited.

As always, thank you SO much for following along on this journey! :)

With love,










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