• Rachel Reynolds

Behind The Chicago Scenes

I actually grew up only about 2 hours south of Chicago - but in all honesty it might as well have been 20 hours. I loved where I grew up but it just couldn't be more different. Growing up in a rural farm town means that you know everyone, and you know their business too. It means that pretty much everyone looks the same. It means you have drive your tractor to school day, you party in corn fields, and the closest starbucks is 30 minutes away. It means when you go to the big city - you're overstimulated.

When I was growing up, we'd go up to Chicago every now and then to visit my family. Two hours is a long time when you're a kid and I remember looking out the window and thinking we had made it to another world. A world filled with color, depth, layers, languages, and energy. A world I wanted to be a part of.

As I got older, I would get to go the city a little more often. I think something clicked in my head - that the crazy vibrant city of Chicago wasn't in fact another world, it was actually only 2 hours away! When my friends and I got our licenses, we would drive our happy selves to the train station in Kankakee and take the train into the city. Shopping trips, Cubs games, and ice skating in millennium park. It was such a treat and we thought we were so adult.

These paintings are essentially a visual of how I saw Chicago as a child. Dripping with color, layered with lines, and busting with energy.

One of my friends saw them in person yesterday and said "you can just keep looking at them because there's so many layers" and that made me really happy because that's exactly what I was going for. That's exactly how I see Chicago. A city filled with depth and surprises.

Thank you for your interest in these Chicago Scenes!

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