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  • Rachel Reynolds

Art and Life Updates!

Hi friends!!

Hope this week is treating you well! If you’ve been following along on instagram, then you know I have been painting my heart out for the past couple of weeks! Today I just wanted to take a quick moment to say hi and fill you in on some updates :)

First, some art things!

New Original Paintings:

Eek - I cannot WAIT to share all of these new original paintings with you! They will be available on my site on Sunday, February 5th. I’ve been having so much fun exploring a variety of subjects - all things that are sure to bring joy and color into your home. You can read more about the behind-the-scenes here. If you’re interested in one, mark your calendars! (don’t worry - I made sure launch day is not Superbowl Sunday)

I think this painting would look so cute above a bar cart!


I’m so thrilled to have finally opened up a Wholesale shop on Faire! So if you’re a retailer (or know one), make sure to check it out. I would LOVE to have more Rachel Reynolds Art in stores!

Mark Your Calendars:

I am BEYOND excited to announce that I will be participating in Chicago’s One of a Kind Show this spring!! More information to come, but it’s April 28th - 30th in the Merchandise Mart. WHEEE I’m so excited!!!!!

a painting without pink! who knew

And now, some life things!!

We celebrated Curtis’s birthday! His family came into town and we had the best time being tourists and eating our hearts out. We went to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! (iykyk) and ate our hearts out. It was the best time! I also made him cookies and cream cookies and y’all.. I don’t mean to brag.. but they were so good. I’ll link the recipe here. Happy Birthday to my most favorite person in the world!!!

Curtis and I found our new apartment and we are so pumped!! We found it super early - we don’t move until May, but I am just so excited. With both of us working from home, we have totally outgrown our current place - and the new one just checked all the boxes. It’s also in our favorite neighborhood! So when you know, you know! It definitely gives me time to make all the mood boards for our new place, and sell some of our things on FB Marketplace. (I already sold our dining table in under a day haha)

I'll put a screenshot of where my Pinterest board is at right now - I think grandmillenial maximalism is the best way to describe it?? The thing is I have no idea where to begin - ha! Would you like to see some of the decor decisions when we start? Let me know!

Other than that - it’s just been a super chill January, and I’m not mad about it! I’ve been really dedicating most of my time to painting and it feels so good. We’re also trying to eat out and order food less this year - and I’ve been having so much fun trying new recipes. I’m finding a lot of joy using actual cookbooks - I like to flip through them on Sunday morning. Oh, and we’re heading to my parents this weekend for our 2nd Annual Pasta Palooza! What’s that you might ask? Well, we basically make a TON of homemade pasta that we can freeze and use throughout the year! It’s the best!

As always, thanks so much for reading and being along for the adventure! And if you have a favorite pasta recipe, please let me know!

Cheers! Rachel

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