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5 Feelings on the First 6 Months in Business!

Wooooohweeee here we are - the 6 month mark of Rachel Elizabeth Design! The half-birthday. If you’ve been following along since day 1, you might remember when I decided to recap my first week as an entrepreneur. I think this is so important to do - to look back on and learn from, and hey - hopefully you’ll gain something along with me! It’s crazy to see how much has already changed since that first week.

So here we are! 5 Feelings I’ve had in my first 6 months of entrepreneurship:

1. Chilllllll out, try new things.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and lie - the first 3 months I was kinda a hot mess. I was just trying to navigate what I wanted my brand to be, what my mission was, my core purpose and values - you know, all that good stuff! But the thing was I think I was WAY TOO CAUGHT UP in it, to the point where I was getting nothing done. I was overthinking everything. I was nervous to take on a project if it didn’t match my brand - which in hindsight is a good idea, but I just took it way too far. I’ve definitely chilled out the past few months and have let projects and opportunities happen more organically. I think it’s so important to know who you are and have a brand strategy, but I’m starting to learn the value in trying out new things as well.

Seaside, Florida

2. Multifaceted is my new favorite word.

At the beginning I thought I could only be a designer or an artist. Wait, I was even more intense than that - I could only paint with acrylic or watercolor, not both. I couldn’t do digital paintings, because that might take away from the fine-art brand. I put myself in a box. Luckily now I’m learning the beauty of having a multifaceted business. I realized that if I can stream income from freelance design (designing other companies' logos, websites, etc), selling products & paintings, and consulting for other brands - why wouldn’t I? I mean, I truly love doing all of those things, so I’m glad I got out of my tunnel vision and turned on the multifaceted switch. It’s definitely helped me creatively!

Product display at Downtown Franklin Art Crawl (Nashville, TN)

3. Freelance is a tricky business.

Y’all. I don’t know how else to say it - freelance is a tricky business. I’ll probably write a whole post on the pros and cons, but for now I’ll just give you an idea! When I was working for one company it was pretty easy to get my priorities straight because I’d know the flow of the business and know what was important to get done that day. But now I have to try to do that for clients and for myself. So let’s say 3 people email me that they need something THAT day, and I’m also trying to promote my own line of products and paintings. It’s wild. Luckily that doesn’t happen everyday or I’d probably go crazy, but when it does I honestly feel like that’s when I thrive. I love tight deadlines and getting shi*t done, so for me it’s kinda like.. a thrill? Idk, that’s probably the nerd in me though. Regardless, I think it’s so important to just keep a constant open line of communication with clients and always put them first, and it will (most-likely) always work out.

Truly, always at Starbucks.

Learning to adapt.

Ahh - adapt! My word of 2019 (freshly decided)! I won’t get too into it here, but you can read more about my thoughts on adapting on this post. Basically, since I’ve been on this nomadic and entrepreneur journey I’ve been thrown a lot of surprises - big, small, good, bad, and just crazy. Truly wouldn’t have it any other way though - because it’s been teaching me the true value of adaptation!

New line of "Adapt" products available here!

So. Much. Fun.

You guys - seriously. Even though the last 6 months have been a straight whirlwind of events (from art shows to finance meetings to moving multiple times to mural paintings) - it’s been so much freaking fun and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve truly never looked back or had one second thought of what I’m doing. I think my family still thinks I’m a little crazy to quit my job and not have an actual home, but I’ve always been a little crazy. I think at the end of the day as long as you’re not hurting anyone, it’s so important to do what makes you happy!

Seaside, Florida

Can’t thank you enough for following along on this creative journey! Your kindness, support, and every sweet word has kept me going. My big hope is that my little home on the internet is a place that brightens your day!

With love,











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