• Rachel Reynolds

3 Ways to Gift this Grateful Heart Mug for Valentine's Day!

Hi Friends!!

It's no secret that Valentine's Day is right around the corner. YAY!! I seriously love this holiday. Whether you have a s/o or not, it's a day filled with pink and chocolate - and in my humble opinion - there's NOT MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

At the beginning of this month, I came out with this Grateful Heart pattern which is featured on on 20 different products. All of the proceeds from these products this month are going to the American Heart Association - as a reminder to keep our heart healthy!

Today I want to share with you 3 different ways you could fill the Grateful Heart 15 oz mug to give as a gift this Valentine's Day!


First: The Best Friend Mug!

I'm a HUGE friend of the galentine approach when it comes to gift giving! Here are some products that I'm loving, so I know my best friends would love them too!

1. The Kylie Lip Kit: It's no secret that this lip kit is super popular, but with good reason. This stuff actually stays on all night and your best friend deserves to have it! (I think this color goes with everything)

2. Essie Nail Polish: Essie is my favorite brand when it comes to painting my nails at home, and I don't think anyone can get enough of this pale pink color. Get one for you too & y'all can have a flash back to 4th grade sleepovers and paint them together!

3. Heart Shaped Skittles: because obviously. These come in a pack of 12, but I'm sure you can find other people to give them to orrrrr eat them all yourself!


Next up: The Momma Mug!

Ahh your momma! She def deserves a mug this heart-day. Here are some things I know my mom would love, but I think they'd be great for anyone!

1. Aveda Hand Relief: Seriously some of my favorite hand cream, I have it in my car at all times! It just smells really natural and clean - and makes my hands so soft.

2. Mac Lipstick: Because I'm not sure if my mom is ready for the Kylie Lip Kit, I'd rather play it safe and get her a classic Mac Lipstick. I think this color would be great for a lot of people!

3. Heart Bath Bomb: I don't know if my mom would ever buy one of these for herself, but I know she would think it was fun - which in my mind is what gifting is all about!

4. Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares: I mean you just can't go wrong with these. They're ALL good.


And finally: The Coffee Lover Mug!

I mean if you're going to be giving someone a coffee mug, you might as well fill it with some coffee goodies! I think this gift would be perfect for anyone at the office or just someone who needs a little lovin!

1. K-Cups: There are so many great k-cups out there, but if you're a dark roast lover like me - Green Mountain Dark Magic is def worth trying.

2. Coffee Straw: These are really big right now, whether you're a coffee drinker or not! Saving the planet one straw at a time.

3. Chocolate Chip Biscotti: Perfect for any coffee lover! I like these because they're individually wrapped.


There we have it!! 3 ways I would fill the Grateful Heart mug up for Valentine's Day.

Here's a link to other Grateful Heart products! (Pictured below)

Happy Early Valentine's Day! Wishing you lots of love, pink, and chocolate this week!









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