Hi, I'm Rachel!


Ever since I was little I’ve always preferred hands-on activities (painting, cooking, dancing) over sitting. I even got my one and only detention for doodling smiley faces in my science book; so I wasn’t really surprised when I decided to pursue a creative career.


After receiving my BFA in Communication Design from Southern Illinois University, I set off to pursue a career as a professional designer and brand manager. I worked in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN and was constantly inspired by the charm and character these cities held.


While I was very happy with my career, an overwhelming urge to travel consumed me daily, and I thought if not now, when?  I quit my job, sublet my apartment, fit everything I owned in my mini cooper, and spent a year traveling and freelancing. I grew more in that year than I could have ever imagined to, and that feeling inspires my work daily.

One thing that has always been a constant passion of mine, whether it be traveling, painting, having dinner with friends, meeting new people, what have you - is the feeling of connection. My paintings are a product of my adventurous and feminine style - inspired by travel, music, social interaction, and color. My goal with each piece is to connect with others and to communicate joy and energy.


Thank you for being here!



PS: I now live in Chicago and I also have the best dog ever named LEO!


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